Don Dada of the Day: One Handed Guard Receives Preferred Walk On Spot at Florida.


Dave “The Shot Doctor” Hoopla would be the first one to tell ya every natural shooter could go without their non-shooting forearm/hand. Fundamentals on fundamentals, baby. No extra, wasted motion. Guide hand ain’t acting like no nuisance. Fill it the fuck up, Zach.

On another note, this is pretty insane. We’re not talking about a run of the mill Division III in Northern Maine, ain’t talking ’bout no Fairfield, or Sacred Heart or Townson, or perennially shitty “mid major” (if that’s what you even call those three these days). Florida, baby. Awesome. Deservedly so. Sure, if you want to be a cynical, envious, heartless asshole about the whole situation, you’ll peg it as a full fledge PR gimmick on Florida’s behalf. No malevolence intended, but when one has 5/8ths of an arm with no fingers, the assumption is that individual isn’t physically capable enough of playing against Kentucky. Nonetheless, Zach, based on highlight tape alone, legitimately balls outrageous. Real, genuine talk. I haven’t been up to date on how tough greater Georgia area basketball is since Javaris Crittenton (R.I.P), Josh Smith, Dwight Howard, Acie Law and Randolph Morris tore up the circuit together on the same Atlanta Celtics squad. But what I do know is he’s drilling 23 foot pull up dribble three’s in transition against competition that looks IIIGHT. In all, I’d say I a.) walked away thoroughly impressed, b.) am calling the next Jim Abbott of basketball and c.) would shun myself if some kid with LITERALLY no left hand took me to the cup left baseline with his right hand and then clapped backboard. Way to go, Zach Hodkins. Too bad you aren’t a Hurricane. Quite the admirable story. #HitEm

P.S. Fuckin’ Jim Abbott. Salute to thine one handed, odd debunking son of a bitch. Christ, are you without doubt arguably the most forgotten impressive professional athletes of this century. #HitEm