Interview: American Antagonist Talks “The Narcissist” with Renown Local Radio Station 88.9 WERS

Nothing much more to say than my main man is as articulate, cool, calm, and collected in front of a mic as they get (go figures). From discussing his infatuation with mixing genres atypical to Boston’s overwhelming population of goon type rappers and oh-so predictably generic producers, to voicing his genuine appreciation for one of the nation’s more film had grossed that much while playing in 3,904 locations — the number “The Lone Ranger” aka the sack of shit state-of-the-art-mega production in which Johnny Depp prances a top trains in 1860′s Native American face paint/head gear screened in this holiday weekend—-it would have made $45 million…How many artists can attest to receiving such level of exposure a la an inaugural prime time project after lurking behind the scenes in a cloud of privacy for years? Not many. CUT TAG HIS CHECK!

As the surreal experience of both producing and rapping for a Lionsgate film unfortunately dwindles (again, how real does that get), the hustle doesn’t quit. And regardless of whether the support of a local scene rooted in pathetic envy, deceit, and disloyalty decides to prevail or remain stuck in its tracks without the slightest agenda of knowing how to ACTUALLY make money, American Antagonist will continue to both mold the sound of up-and-coming Boston-bred musicians and tackle national spotlight. Accomplishments on accomplishments to come my friend, keep doing you. Exceptionally humble yet hollywood. I like the sound of that.

“Millyz” is the Rapper That Tamerlan “Timmy” Tsarnaev Beefed With Back in the Day


I had mentioned in my first report that Tamerlan, the older brother of Dzhokhar, had reportedly gotten into the altercation with a rapper a couple years back in downtown Boston. Well, here’s more evidence of that altercation. While I personally was not there, I’ve contacted several friends whom again I won’t be revealing and they’ve noted that Tamerlan may have connected with some major shots to the grill. But who cares about the intricacies of the fight. All I know is the Cambridge born Rapper is doing his thing and making hits with Joe Budden while Tamerlan is a deceased loser who no one will ever care about (or should care about to be exact).

I’ll Tell Ya What: New Music From Ex-Pats Linebacker Tully Banta Cain is “Out of Control”

If lame and outrageously out the game, former New England Patriot, San Francisco 49er and stud pass rusher, Tully Banta Cain, has been doing his music thing for quite some time now. Rocking with the likes of Cambridge’s White Boy Gorgeous aka Millyz, V-Knuckles/N.B.S. and a number of other MCs from the Greater Boston Area, the artist formally known as Nova-Cain has had some impressive jump offs in years past, but nothing like this BANGER for the club. “Out of Control,” which is the latest leak off his up coming DJ Drama hosted mixtape, The Truth Hurts, features aforementioned White Boy Gorgeous (I SEE YOU MILLYZ, CAMBRIDGE STAND UP!), Charlestown native Slain (whom you might know as Gloansy from The Town) and Joey Budden….HIDE YOOO KIDSSSS. Expecting more from Tully in the near future, and you should be too!