Iowa State Freshman Georges Niang Hits Our Podcast for Round 2…Juuuu Heard

Last time Nicky Friedman aka Chris Kattan had Georges Niang by our Podcast, the Big 12 All-Rookie Team award winner was professing his love for white women with short hair, clowning Elijah Johnson aka Beetle Juice, and demonstrating the same crazy basketball intellect we’ve seen the kid implement through 31 regular season games. Yesterday, Nicky was in Chicago handling some Biz for the Team. So the White Black Frank White stepped in and took responsibility as the two talked Big 12 Championships expectations/game plans, Kelly Olynyk/Golem comparisons, and, yes, white women with short hair. And he did it all while casually slurping on a beverage. Sippin on that large Hi-C from McDeez. I see you, Georges! But anyways, we wish the homeboy from Boston all the success in the world and hope he can expose the underrated label on a national level in the near future. Hit ‘Em

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Iowa State Diaper Dandy Georges Niang Stops by the Podcast to Talk with Chris Kattan

Meet Georges Niang. If an illiterate grassroots/college basketball fan, you might know him as the kid who was on the wrong end of that late game blown offensive foul call against Kansas last Monday. If familiar with the Methuen, Massachusetts native and current Iowa State Cyclone Freshman forward, however, you’d know my man, to no personal surprise, is defying all expectations. Through sixteen Big 12 conference games, he’s one of only four freshman to rank top 20 in scoring (two of which are projected lottery picks in this year’s NBA draft), has arguably been Coach Hoiberg’s most efficient roster option on one of the more deep team’s in the country, and continues to make Bleacher Report, ESPN and other “all-knowing” scouting services look a bit, well stupid, for not anticipating his work as a Tilton School Ram and member of the prestigious Boston Amateur Basketball Club alongside Nerlens Noel would immediately translate to the next level. Remember folks, athleticism isn’t everything. Believe it or not, success in this game, as Charles Barkley once said, “comes down to what you can do under the rim.”

And last Thursday, we got Georges on the line for an interview right before taking off for his make or break NCAA tournament hopeful three game stretch against Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and West Virginia. From discussing his feelings with the underrated label to his opinions on KU swingman Travis Releford’s hair line and white women with short hair, Georges showed us that’s he’s a youngin’ with a story and personality that should never go unnoticed. If there’s one take away from our first of many radio interviews with Georges, it’s that he’s got the tools to not only ball outrageous for the rest of his basketball career, but to ball outrageous 30 years down the road in life. Check out some of the highlights from our conservation transcribed below. Hit ‘Em.

P.S. Excuse my sounding like the biggest white boy of all time when discussing French Montana and his most recent Mac & Cheese Mixtape. I assure you all that I’m far more WAVY than I appear over the Podcast. Believe me, I’ve routinely punched myself in the face for that one.

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