Sammy Adams Has a Seizure…He Dead, Yo?

Don’t look too much into “Blowing Up.” Ya vitals will eventually falter! I’m just sayin…

Weird. My attempt at diagnosis: Too much drinking straight from the tap, crushing bottles of Bacardi and fending off 30 year old Bostonians for autographs. Maybe I’m over thinking things. Could certainly be a hydration issue. Nevertheless,  I guess its about that time to get away from everything and make another unbearably feminine, stupid, sucker shit type music video on Nantucket with USC’s Jordan Campbell. Should take the stress off ya shoulders, kid.

P.S. Give me $1 million worth of self-purchased albums and I’ll MURK a video on The Islands. Gallons of Peach Ciroc and Red/Yellow Bones on deck!


2 thoughts on “Sammy Adams Has a Seizure…He Dead, Yo?

  1. Uhh lets refrain from talking shit about someone who just had a seizure…especially if there is something actually wrong here. You are better than that

  2. Then why is it that a Lil Wayne or Rick Ross seizure can be joked about but a Sam Adams seizure (one that he has made a smooth recovery from) is completely off limits? I smell some racism yo…btw what he said wasn’t over line by any means.

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