NBA Shop Talk: Classless Cavs Break Out the “Manti Te’o Kiss Cam”

Clearly, the highlight from last night’s Cavs/Celtics game is not Kyrie’s 40 point ballbuster that sent Boston packing for their 4th straight loss and headed towards the inevitable breaking of their nucleus by February 21st, not Jeff Green’s second Lennay Kekua-esque disappearing act in four nights, not the worst performance from Paul Pierce these eyes have arguably ever seen, but Cleveland’s production team and their use of the Manti Te’o invisible girlfriend kiss cam.

Utter classlessness displayed by the Cavalier organization? Should I say I’m surprised? Well, you had Lebron’s bizarre, ill-advised betrayal of Cleveland, Dan Gilbert’s vehement hate mail to The King that we all empathized with, but nonetheless understood how childish and unprofessional it was, Ricky Davis’ attempt to finish out his triple double by tossing the rock at the bottom of the rim for his 10th rebound in a 25 point blow out against Utah that had Jerry Sloan wanting to knock Rick-Deez on his ass. So no. Outside of Kyrie and Andersen “Blood Clot” Varejao, I’ll always associate that organization with dirt. Sorry to all the homies who hail from Cleveland, I had to let it be known. If it helps, I LOVE the Browns

Look, I’m all in favor of the classless joke—I beat the “My father died at Auschwitz. He fell off a watch tower” knee slapper into the fucking ground. Sorry, the inner cynical, self-hateful Jew can’t help it. But am I crazy for saying that professional sports organizations should just stop it all together with the mocking of Te’o? Until Te’o gets it over with and confesses this whole hoax was a systematic attempt at concealing his homosexuality, then yes, I agree, he should never hear the end of it. Does that mean franchise owners should feel it necessary to condone such public mortification? Eh, I’m not so sure about that. P R O F E S S I O N A L S distance themselves from the bizarre, yet controversial national news stories. Sure the Manti Te’o kiss cam gave fans a good ‘ol chuckle (hell, I laughed this morning even though I wanted nothing to do with Cleveland after that C’s loss). But from the standpoint of those who really matter in the sports world, its terrible press. Think about it this way: either your consciously preparing the kid for a career full of never ending hateful knee slappers or further humiliating a closet homosexual. The latter appears as the more likely scenario. LZ Granderson would agree in saying that’s something you leave for the Barstools of the world to have their way with and prefer to separate yourself from.

By the way, the Dallas Stars beat you too the joke. Suck on that one, Danny Gilbs

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