Beanie Sigel Offically Sentenced To Prison After Arrest in August…Damn–South Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel was sentenced Wednesday in Delaware County court to six to 23 months on drug charges stemming from an August arrest. Sigel, whose real name is Dwight Grant, is already in federal custody serving two years for failure to pay about $348,000 in taxes. On August 29, Sigel and a friend were arrested by state police following a traffic stop on I-95 in Tinicum Township. The driver, Gerald Andrews of Philadelphia, was pulled over for following another car too closely and swerving out of his lane. During a search, Andrews was found in possession of several prescription pills and a small amount of marijuana. Sigel, who was asleep when police pulled the car over, was in possession of a bottle of unlabeled codeine syrup and $4,650 in cash. A loaded gun was found hidden in the car’s center console.


“Man…that nigga Beans…that ain’t no like studio rapper. I’m not beefin with Beans. That nigga don’t give a fuck!”–Kanye West

Four Words: I Don’t Do Much. Once upon a time, B could confidently state that all he did was “Smoke weed, fuck bitches, get paper cuts from countin’ money, chill and watch Menage/Quadrupla trois…y’knawmean? Now? Well, the lounging to a couple red bones delving in each others vaginas no longer presents itself as viable. But to say Beans still doesn’t get it in? Entirely blasphemous.

In retrospect, all us Beanie fans might be little on edge about his returning to the Pen. Just ask Peedi Crakk…

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